People spend long hours in bed either sleeping or simply sitting, relaxing, reading, or lounging. With so much time spent in bed, it becomes essential to have a mattress that helps provide quality sleep so that the body is well-rested and free from all pains and aches. But what if the mattress is the one causing back pain? Then you should replace it with a mattress for back pain from Wakefit. Back pain is one of the most common issues in people and can be caused for various reasons. But with the right sleep solution, you can get rid of it, as the wonders of a good night’s sleep are many. It promotes mental and physical well-being and also protects the spine. If your mattress is the cause of back pain, you should buy a mattress online that can help bring relief. But what is the best mattress for back pain? 

The answer is within your body. As every individual is unique, it is important to find the perfect firmness level so that it can cater to the body weight and sleeping position. The best mattress for back pain recommended by sleep experts is one that has medium-firm density. An overly soft or overly firm mattress can aggravate the situation, so ensure that it is not too hard or soft.

What are the Effects of Sleeping on a Soft Bed?

A mattress that is soft contours to the body so much that the sleeper has to use the muscles to switch to an optimal sleeping position. Since you cannot always use your muscles when sleeping, the body will sink into the bed, which causes limited movement and strain on certain groups of muscles. That is one of the reasons you wake up feeling stiff and tired in the morning.

When the bed is soft, it sags, and the body will contour to the sagged mattress and cause a hammock effect. That leads to abnormal spinal curvature and causes back pain

What are the Effects of Sleeping on a Hard Bed?

The common belief among people is that sleeping on a hard surface is good for back pain. However, experts say there are no major benefits to sleeping on a firm, hard mattress. If the bed is too firm for your body, the natural spinal curvature cannot be maintained, causing pressure points. Since the spine is not well-supported, it can cause long-term issues. Especially for someone with back pain already, a firm mattress tries to compensate for the lack of back support and causes more problems.

Also, a firm mattress does not conform to the body, leaving gaps between the bed and the body. So some important areas of the body are not supported properly, which leads to more pain if you are already suffering from a bad back. The best mattress for back pain conforms to the body and gives support and comfort to the body.

Other Reasons for Back Pain

A bad mattress is one of the contributors to back pain but there are many other reasons for back pain, some of which are:

  • Incorrect posture while sitting or standing.
  • Lack of physical movement due to lifestyle or desk-related jobs.
  • Ignoring physical activities or exercise leads to stiff bones or tight, weak, or stiff muscles. 
  • Obesity or being overweight can result in more pressure on the lower back and spine.
  • Chronic diseases like muscle strains, cervical stenosis, slipped discs, arthritis, etc. can lead to back discomfort.

Can a Mattress Help with Back Pain and What is the Best Type of Mattress for Back Pain?

Generally, a good supportive mattress can help reduce back pain as it offers optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief on specific body parts. A medium-firm mattress offers the best balance of support and comfort. You can also buy an orthopaedic mattress if you have chronic back pain and your doctor recommends it.

However, how do you know which mattress is good for your back, as they are made from many materials? But what is praiseworthy is that today’s manufacturers provide many options that offer better relief than ever. Among them, the popular choices are memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses.

Delving deep into latex mattresses, it is made from rubber tree sap and is a natural and organic material. When you buy a latex mattress online, it offers a perfect balance of support and comfort. Plus, it has an inherent bounce that allows the surface to push back against the body, thereby providing good support for any aches and pains. It contours to the shape of the body and reduces any pressure points that get created when you sleep. It evenly distributes the weight and makes sure there is proper blood circulation. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, meaning it is anti-dust and anti-mould. So when you buy this foam mattress online, the benefits go beyond mere pain relief.

A memory foam mattress, unlike latex mattresses, which are made from rubber sap, is made from high-quality foam. When you buy a memory foam mattress, the biggest advantage you will get is that it contours to your body shape and provides optimal comfort and support.

Mattress Shopping Tips For Back Pain

When you are picking a mattress from the store, shop for it at the later part of the day when you have back pain. That gives you the chance to buy a mattress online that is more likely to meet your expectations of comfort, support, and pain relief. However, if you are shopping online, check the return policy, because if you are not satisfied, you can send it back.

Look at how the spine is aligned. When sleeping on your side, the spine should be in a straight line. If that happens, then you get optimal back support.

If, while sleeping, pressure points are created, it means the mattress is too firm. On the other hand, if there is a sinking effect, it means the mattress is soft for your weight and height.

Do not consider only the shoulders, back, and hips. Check if the head and heels are also aligned properly, as it is critical for back pain relief and management. 

To Conclude,

The mattress that you buy plays a major role in increasing or reducing any aches. So buy a mattress online in India that allows the spine to be aligned and well-supported and gives you comfort. For those who have pre-existing pains, explore various mattress options and sizes, as they range from single mattresses online to various other sizes, and pick the right one as it can change your life!