Have you ever wanted to create a personalized gift for friends or family that didn’t cost an arm and a leg? Custom acrylic keychains are an easy, inexpensive DIY project that can be customized for any occasion or recipient. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be making high-quality keychains with embedded images, quotes, or logos that your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Choosing a Style for Your Custom Keychains

When designing custom acrylic keychains, the first step is choosing a style that fits your needs. There are so many options, so think about what you want to accomplish. Do you want:

  • Simple shapes like circles, squares or hexagons? These minimal styles are easy to customize and work for most designs.
  • A more complex cutout shape to make a statement? Consider a logo, mascot or meaningful symbol. These detailed cuts require precision but create a big impact.
  • To embed items inside the acrylic like coins, dried flowers or memorabilia? Keychains with encased objects inside are sentimental and one-of-a-kind. You’ll want to choose an acrylic shape and thickness that properly showcases the item.
  • A double-sided or rotating design? Double-sided keychains with different images on each side or rotating keychains with a spinning centrepiece are interactive and eye-catching. They do require extra production time, so factor in some added costs.

How to Create Custom Pin & Badge, Custom Keychains and Acrylic Keychains

Want to create custom keychains to give as gifts or sell to customers? A Custom pin & badge and acrylic keychains are a great options. They’re durable and water-resistant, and you can embed images, logos or text directly into the acrylic. Here’s how to make your own acrylic keychains:

First, you’ll need the supplies: acrylic material, a laser engraver or CNC router, keychain attachments like split rings and clasps, and vector design software. For the design, create your image or text in a vector program like Illustrator or Inkscape, since raster images won’t work for engraving.

Next, place your acrylic sheet in the laser engraver or CNC machine and select your design to engrave. The engraver will cut through the acrylic to create your design. Multiple passes create deeper engravings, so experiment to get the depth you want.

Once engraved, wipe away any excess acrylic dust and attach the split ring or clasp to one corner of the acrylic piece so you can add keys. You now have a custom acrylic keychain!

To create badges, cut the acrylic into circles or other shapes. You can also layer colored acrylics for more depth. The options are endless!

Making acrylic keychains and badges is easy once you get the hang of using the laser engraver. Unleash your creativity and start crafting custom pieces to showcase your designs or brand. Your customers and friends will love these unique, high-quality gifts.

Customizing Acrylic Keychains for Branding

Customizing your acrylic keychains is a great way to make them unique to your brand or business. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Add Your Logo
  2. Include a Tagline or Slogan
  3. Personalize with Names or Numbers

Adding Personal Touches to Hamfai Keychains

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to personalize your acrylic keychains and make them uniquely you. Here are some simple ways to add personal touches to your Hamfai keychains.

Choose Meaningful Images

Select photos, logos or graphic elements that represent something important or memorable to you. Maybe it’s pictures of friends and family, favorite places you’ve travelled, hobbies you enjoy or sports teams you support. The options are endless!

Add Text

Include short messages, names, monograms or inspirational quotes on your keychains. You can add text directly to the design before ordering or use a paint pen, permanent marker, etching tool or label maker to personalize the keychains after they arrive. Either way, adding custom text is an easy way to make the keychains sentimental.

Use Vibrant Colors

Choose custom colors that match your style or the image you want to feature. Hamfai offers a variety of color options for the acrylic material as well as the imprinted design. Select complementary or contrasting colors to make your creation pop. You can also paint or color the edges or backside of the acrylic for an extra splash of color.

Get Creative with Shapes

While Hamfai offers traditional round and oval keychain shapes, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can cut the acrylic into unique teardrop shapes, hearts, stars or any freeform shape you like using a scroll saw, rotary tool or laser cutter. File down the edges to smooth them out and add a jump ring to attach your keys. Custom shapes are a great way to make a statement with your keychains.

FAQ: Common Questions About Acrylic Keychains

Acrylic keychains are a popular custom product, but many people have questions about how they’re made and how best to design them. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about acrylic keychains.

What materials are used to make acrylic keychains?

Acrylic keychains are made from sheets of acrylic plastic that are laser cut and engraved to your custom design. They often also include a metal key ring and any inserts like bottle openers or LED lights.

How are acrylic keychains personalized?

Acrylic keychains can be personalized in several ways:

  • Laser engraving: Using a laser, text and images are etched into the acrylic surface. This results in a frosted white engraving on a clear background.
  • Laser cutting: A laser cuts through the acrylic sheet to cut out shapes, letters, and logos. The cut-out areas remain clear while the surface around them is frosted white.
  • Backlighting: LED lights are added behind a laser-engraved design to make it glow. This works best with simple text and logos.
  • Inserts: Useful inserts like bottle openers and mini flashlights can be embedded in the acrylic keychain.

What types of designs work best for acrylic keychains?

Simple and bold designs with high contrast tend to work best for acrylic keychains. Some options include:

  • Company logos
  • Names and monograms
  • Short inspirational quotes or phrases
  • Minimal line art or abstract shapes
  • Zodiac signs

How durable are acrylic keychains?

Acrylic keychains are very durable and long-lasting. Acrylic plastic is a strong, scratch-resistant material that holds up well to frequent use and outdoor conditions. The acrylic and any metal or electronic parts are securely sealed and waterproof. With proper care, an acrylic keychain can last many years.

Are acrylic keychains eco-friendly?

Acrylic plastic is not biodegradable, so acrylic keychains are not considered eco-friendly. However, acrylic can be recycled to make new products. Some suppliers offer recycling programs for used acrylic materials. Acrylic keychains also tend to be very durable, so you only need to purchase them occasionally.


So there you have it, a step-by-step guide to making your own custom acrylic keychains. You can get creative with different shapes, add-ins like glitter or confetti, or by painting fun designs on the back of the acrylic. Personalize them with names, monograms or inspirational quotes to make meaningful gifts for friends and family. The options are endless! Keychains are such a simple item we use every day, so making your own customized versions is a great way to add a little handmade charm to your keys or share it with people who matter to you. Give it a try—you’ll be churning out professional-looking acrylic keychains in no time and wondering why you didn’t start this fun new hobby sooner. Happy crafting!