Career Astrology


A career is among the most vital aspects of life. You can achieve great success and satisfaction if you have a promising career. First, however, deciding on the ideal job for yourself is extremely important.

There are many alternatives to get started; still, there is no assurance of succeeding, particularly today. Also, there is lots of competition nowadays, making it even more challenging to get into a field you want. Overall, it is pretty hard to decide on the ideal area for creating a satisfying career in today’s time.

How planets affect career

With the help of astrology, you can aim at the career you want. As you support the best astrologers in Chennai in determining the right job or field for you, it’ll help you prosper materialistically, feel happy, and grow in every aspect of life. In addition, if you take their advice, you go through reading to build up your horoscope and fortune planets, you can find and connect even your unknown potential.

According to astrology, every planet has specific traits and individualities. For instance, Jupiter is associated with higher education and charity, whereas Venus is related to creative fields and performing arts. The planetary positions in your horoscope decide if planets are weak, strong, hateful, neutral, or favorable for you and your life.

Since a healthy planet can give you a potential ideal for a specific job or field, the harsh effects of a malefic planet can hinder you from making the most of a good time, according to the best astrologer in Chennai. Thus, it is best if you do things beforehand.

Points Considered By the Best Astrologer Chennai to Know If Anybody Will Get Success in Life or Not

  1. The planets that are transiting and their impact on other planets.
  2. Planetary placement in the navamsa chart.
  3. The 10th house is the lord of power and self-esteem.
  4. The planets that impact the 10th house in the person’s horoscope.
  5. The 10th house is the Karmasthana, giving details related to anyone’s career and job.

Deciding on a profession is a very important decision. If you wish to build a thriving personality among others, it’s vital to select a career consulted according to astrology or preferred by the best astrologers in Chennai.

The Most Suitable Career as Per Planetary Placement in the Horoscope Reading

1.      Mars

It is a rough, aggressive planet that brings professions associated with property dealing, construction, retail, and so on.

2.      Jupiter

This planet makes an individual sensible and improves his or her brainpower. Thus, it can improve the teaching skills of an individual and can make him/her a good writer or counselor.

3.      Saturn

This planet is a fair planet, and the professions associated with this planet include stone-related professions. For instance, manufacturing of textiles.

4.      Mercury

Calculations and analysis are the things that this planet copes with. Thus, the best-suited professions associated with it include a math teacher, accountant, etc.

5.      Sun

Sun can bring jobs that need leadership and management skills. These can be government jobs.

6.      Moon

This is a cool planet, and the jobs that it brings are associated with beauty and creativeness. These can be jobs in fashion designing, film industry, and so forth.

7.      Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets. Both can bring the most favorable outcomes if posited in a benefic house. However, the two can take everything from you if posited in a malefic house. Import & export of chemicals and drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc., are the jobs associated with Rahu and Ketu.

8.      Venus

This planet brings name, fame, and extravagance. The professions associated with this planet are acting, modeling, and fashion designing.

How Can The Best Astrologers In Chennai Solve Your Career Problems And Foretell Your Career Via Astrology?

There is a lot of competition nowadays amongst others while we talk about careers. In this brawl, everybody usually tends to forget that the pathway of life is full of obstacles. There can be many reasons for it. Planetary positions are among the major reasons that we are likely to see. In a situation like this, the lone person who can assist us in handling it has to be an astrology expert. Contact the most trustworthy astrologer and get all your career-related queries solved. These may include:

1.      Will I get a job in civil services?

2.      Are there any possibilities of going abroad for work?

3.      Will my child be able to clear any government job papers?

4.      Will I get a high paid job?

The best astrologer, Astroyogi, assures us to give free career astrology predictions. Astrology will bring good luck while it is about getting a government job in case you have any doubts regarding it.