Training to become a lawyer isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication, high levels of skill, and a certain amount of financial investment, too. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can expect to enjoy a respected and rewarding career after you qualify. Still unsure whether it’s the right option for you? Here are five benefits of working as a lawyer to help get you motivated.

1. Financial stability 

The high earning potential associated with becoming a lawyer is one of the main reasons why many people enter the legal field. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers made a median annual salary of $126,930 in 2020, and top level attorneys can expect to make much more than that. The amount you earn will vary a lot depending on the firm you work for and the type of law you practice, but it’s definitely a good career choice if you’re hoping to find financial security.

2. Prestige

Although lawyers are often the punchline of jokes, it’s actually a very respectable job to have. You can anticipate a high professional status when you work in the legal field, although again this will vary according to the firm you are employed by and the specific area of law that you work in. This in turn can lead to excellent work-related benefits, such as your own office in a fancy building, the ability to choose your own schedule, an expense account for meeting with clients and similar activities, and support staff to help you with mundane tasks.

3. Intellectual stimulation

Working as a lawyer means having a career that’s full of intellectual challenges and keeps your mental faculties sharp. You’ll be working with complex legal theories, conducting in-depth research, solving problems creatively, and using your strong analytical skills to devise the best strategies for your clients. As such, it’s a fantastic career path for people who hope to have an intellectually stimulating job – plus it helps to keep your mind active and stave off conditions such as dementia later in life.

4. Helping others

A key part of working as a lawyer is being a champion of justice and helping other people, which means it can also be a very emotionally satisfying career to have. Your top concern will be for your client, and gaining a positive outcome for them can be hugely rewarding. If this is a cause that’s close to your heart, you can take on pro bono work to assist those who are most in need (for example, people on low incomes, charities, children, or underserved communities).

5. Diverse career options

The term ‘lawyer’ covers a wide variety of roles, and being qualified in this field enables you to carve out a career path that truly suits your personal interests. For instance, you could become a criminal prosecutor or defense lawyer, or specialize in an area such as employment law, intellectual property, real estate, environmental law, international law, tax or corporate law. With so many options available to you, chances are high that you will find a niche that appeals to you.