The crypto market has been volatile for the last few weeks. The prices of cryptocurrencies have been falling and rising, and new projects have emerged every day. 

We have seen a lot of projects in the past, but only a few are successful. The rest fail because they don’t have a good team or have enough funds to run their project.

Finding good NFT projects is not easy. There are many upcoming NFTs out there, and each one claims to be the best one. But how do you know the NFTs that are worth investing in? We have some suggestions if you’re looking for some good NFT projects to follow in 2022. But first, how do you evaluate a new NFT project?


The team is the essential factor in evaluating a project. The team should have a proven track record of delivering products and services. It’s also necessary to see if the team has experience working with other companies and partners.


Tokenomics refers to how a project will generate value for its users and investors. This includes how they plan to fund their project and use funds raised during the sale event. Therefore, the token generation event (TGE) should be fully transparent and detailed regarding how they plan to use funds raised from selling tokens during the TGE.

Project roadmap evaluation

When evaluating a project’s roadmap, make sure that there is an actual roadmap present and not just ideas written down on paper or posted online somewhere! These days it’s pretty easy to fake something like this, so do your due diligence before investing any money.

Use Cases

Another factor to consider when evaluating NFT projects is their use cases. Use cases make different projects unique, so they must have something special that makes them stand out from others in their industry or niche. If they don’t have any particular use cases, they won’t be able to compete with other projects that have more significant ones than theirs.

Some of the best NFT Projects of 2022

Crypto Baristas

The Crypto Baristas project is an excellent example of using NFTs to create an entire world and storyline. The project aims to create a virtual crypto coffee shop where coffee lovers can go and buy coffee with cryptocurrency. The founder of Crypto Baristas, Steven Kuyan, has created a series of collectible coffee cups that can be purchased with NFTs.

Each cup is unique and comes with its backstory and character. This makes them exceptionally valuable as collectors’ items. The creator also plans to release new cups every year, so they will become increasingly rare as time goes on. The most significant benefit of this system is that you can use it to build up your collection without spending a fortune on expensive physical items like paintings or sculptures. 


VeeFriends is a blockchain-based social media platform that aims to connect people worldwide. The platform allows users to create profiles and share content. The VeeFriends project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the NFT standard for its tokens.

Vivid Coin (VIVID)

Vivid Coin is an NFT project that aims to create a decentralized marketplace for digital artworks. Artists can use the Vivid platform to promote their work, while collectors can purchase art and resell it later on if they choose.


Dribblie is a blockchain-based platform for sports fans. The company aims to make it easier for sports fans to interact with their favorite players and teams. Fans can use Dribblie NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to collect and trade limited edition digital items of their favorite athletes and teams. In addition, Dribblie has partnered with the NBA and other top leagues to create unique, limited-edition items that fans can purchase with cryptocurrency.

Fly Fish Club

Fly Fish Club is a blockchain-based platform that allows you to create, sell, and buy digital collectibles. It was created by Fly Fish Club Limited, based in London, England.

The platform already has over 2 million users and offers more than 7,000 different NFTs for sale. The most popular items are sports cards from famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

You can trade any item on the platform with other users in exchange for tokens or fiat currency. The company also offers a marketplace where you can sell your creations.


Cryptokitties allows users to buy, sell and breed virtual cats using Ethereum smart contracts. Each cat has its own unique DNA sequence represented by an Ethereum address, allowing users to own it forever without fear of losing access or control over it. In addition to being extremely popular with investors who want to make money off of their kitties, many people enjoy collecting them because they’re cute!


It’s hard to say what the future will hold, and it’s easy for the novelty to wear off. But this isn’t the same as being boring: with changing public interests and an ever-evolving Internet, we’re bound to discover interesting new ways of designing. Before long, NFT projects may not be novel anymore. But until that happens, we’re content to follow these five projects as they develop further in their ways.