extension eyelash
extension eyelash

As a lash artist, consulting and choosing the right lash extension lengths for the client is an essential step before starting to apply for extension eyelash. Of course, each client will have different facial features or different favourite styles, so choosing the length of extension eyelash can sometimes be difficult for you. To make it easier for you to consult your clients, we will list five tips to help you choose the most effective extension eyelash lengths that you should not ignore.

1. One length won’t fit all your clients

As mentioned above, each of your clients will have different facial features, which means their actual lash length and their eye shape will also be different. So if you apply extension eyelash of the same length to all your clients’ lashes, you’ll notice a very odd inconvenience. Better yet, prepare yourself with many different extension eyelash of different lengths. That’s the most optimal way for you to beautify your different clients’ eyelashes with extension eyelash of the right length. For example, One of your clients has 11mm natural lashes, and your other client has 6mm real lashes. Indeed, you can not apply lash extensions of the same 13mm length on the natural eyelashes of both of these clients. Instead, an extension eyelash length of 8mm will be the most suitable choice for 6mm natural eyelashes.

2. Recognizing the client’s favourite style

When consulting with a client, you should determine how your client prefers the extension length. You should note to them that using too long extension eyelash will make their extension eyelash lines look thinner. On the contrary, if you can choose extension eyelash with a moderate length, the client’s eyelashes will look thicker, darker and more attractive. So, if your client wants a natural-style extension eyelash, you can choose lash extensions that are about 2mm to 3mm longer than their natural lash length. And if they want to own full and attractive eyelashes, you can choose for them extension eyelash that are about 1mm or less longer, compared to their real eyelashes.

3. Consider extension eyelash length based on the thickness

It can be said that one of the biggest obstacles for clients when applying extension eyelash is the feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the eyelids. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most common is that you used extension eyelash that were too thick instead of what your client needed. For clients with very weak eyelashes or who just applied extension eyelash for the first time, applying eyelashes that are too thick and too long will make them feel uncomfortable. You should remember that, when you want to choose long eyelashes, pay attention to selecting eyelashes of small thickness, and vice versa. This way, the weight of the lashes will no longer be an obstacle to your client’s real lashes and they will be more comfortable with their new extension eyelash.

4. Don’t ignore the curvature of the extension eyelash

Besides thickness, the curvature of the extension eyelash is also an important factor when you choose the lash extension lengths for your client. Many clients often think that their lashes will look longer if they decide extensions with higher curvature. This is actually a misconception. In fact, eyelashes with large curls do not affect the length factor of the eyelashes. So, when consulting with clients, you can ask their opinion about both the curvature and length of the extension eyelash to find the most suitable option for them. When it comes to lash extensions curvature, make sure you clearly analyse their characteristics for your clients. The curvature and length of the extension eyelash will greatly affect the overall aesthetic value of the entire set of extension eyelash that you perform for your client. So, if clients want to own a set of eyelashes that are both long and curled, you can suggest moderate options to avoid making their eyelashes fall down or abnormally curl.

5. Use the 3mm rule

Last but not least, you should always stick to the 3mm rule. What is the 3mm rule? Simply put, the 3mm rule advises you not to apply extensions that are 3mm longer than your client’s natural lashes. If you intentionally apply extension eyelash that are longer than 3mm or 4mm compared to the real lashes, you may interfere with the natural growth of the real lashes, causing damage to them. Therefore, always follow the 3mm rule when choosing extension eyelash for clients.

Perhaps choosing the parameters of extension eyelash for different clients is not easy at all. Still, with our useful tips mentioned above, you will certainly not have too much difficulty choosing the right lash extension lengths for your clients.