Did you know that 24.85 billion liters of wine were sold around the world in 2020?

Wine lovers know that storing wine at home is key to keeping it fresh and delicious. But it can be hard to store wine in a way that keeps it fresh for as long as possible.

However, don’t worry. Keep reading and check out our list of innovative wine tools that will help you store your wine like a pro!

Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is a great tool for storing wine at home. By using it to preserve your open bottles of wine, you can keep them tasting fresh and flavorful for significantly longer than just sealing them with an ordinary stopper or cork.

Vacuum sealers come in both electric and manual versions, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

Wine Refrigerators

If you’re looking to store larger amounts of wine at home, then a wine refrigerator might be the perfect solution. These refrigerators are designed specifically to maintain ideal conditions for the long-term storage of wines, such as temperature and humidity levels.

Many models even come with additional features like separate compartments for different types of wine bottles.

Wine Racks

If you don’t need to store a large amount of wine, then a wine rack can be an excellent addition to your home storage system. Not only do they look great and help add a bit of style to any space, but they also keep bottles organized and easy to access when you want them.

Plus, they are relatively affordable compared to other options like refrigerators or vacuum sealers.

Air Pressure Stoppers

Air pressure stoppers are another great tool for storing open bottles of wine at home. These stoppers work by creating an airtight seal that keeps the air from entering the bottle and spoiling your wine quickly.

This is especially useful for those who don’t have access to a vacuum sealer. Air pressure stoppers are quick and easy to use, and they’re affordable too!

Coravin System

The Coravin System is an innovative tool for storing wine at home. It works by inserting a needle into the bottle, which allows you to pour out a glass of wine without ever opening the bottle.

This means that you don’t have to worry about oxidation or spoilage because the remaining wine stays perfectly fresh until you’re ready to use it.

The Coravin system is fairly expensive but definitely worth it if you want to keep your wines perfectly fresh and flavorful. Look here for more.

Find the Best Wine Tools for You

If you’re interested in wine, it’s likely that you’ll want to store some at home. With the right tools, you can keep your wine fresh for weeks or even months. In this article, we’ve looked at a few innovative wine tools that can help you do just that.

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