Roughly 50 million people across the country do some sort of running, while only a fraction of that number partakes in rollerblading. 

While each activity uses different muscles, terrain, and gear, they have more in common than you might think. 

When it comes to rollerblading vs. running, which one burns more calories? Keep reading to find out. 

The Rollerblading vs. Running Debate

While running has been around since the dawn of mankind, rollerblading goes back in history a few hundred years, having started in the 1700s. It’s also referred to as inline skating. 

Many people question whether rollerblading is as good of a workout as running. They say that since you’re gliding along on wheels, it doesn’t require as much effort, and not as many calories are burned. 

But is this the case? The truth might surprise you. 

Which Activity Burns More Calories?

Rollerblading and running actually burn very similar amounts of calories.

According to Harvard Health, a person weighing 155 pounds burns an average of 386 calories per hour rollerblading at a casual pace and 360 calories per hour running 10-minute miles. For another comparison, that same person weighing 155 pounds burns 421 calories per hour while speed rollerskating and 450 calories per hour running 8-minute miles. 

While rollerblading and running are both similar in terms of calories burned, it all depends on how vigorously you do an activity (as well as if it’s uphill or downhill). Running at a fast pace will burn more calories faster than leisurely rollerblading, and vice versa. 

Health Benefits and Concerns

Calories burned rollerblading vs. running may be similar, but each sport has varying advantages and disadvantages when it comes to your health. Here’s a quick look at the benefits, as well as some risks, of running vs. rollerblading. 


Running is many people’s favorite activity because it doesn’t require any gear besides a pair of shoes. Running is an effective way to burn fat and boost your heart health. As long as you stretch and practice proper form, running often leads to fewer injuries. 

Rollerblading has many benefits as well, including better muscle building due to the side-to-side motion of your legs. It strengthens the lower body and core as well as your arms (and improves balance, too!). Rollerblading is also safer for your joints since it requires less impact. 

Potential Risks

With any sport, there’s always a risk or two to keep in mind. 

The main downside to running in the inline skating vs. running debate is that running tends to put more stress on your joints and can lead to inflammation. 

Rollerblading often leads to more injuries due to the balance it requires. To rollerblade safely, it’s important to get protective gear and quality rollerblades. Check out sites like for equipment advice. 

In both sports, proper form is essential to avoid aches and pains afterward.  

Which Activity Is Better? Test Them Out Yourself

When it comes to rollerblading vs. running, both sports are great for burning calories and bettering your health. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, test them out and see!

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