Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially when you’re doing it from another country. So where do you start? We’ve put together this handy guide to help you prepare for your big day.

Pick the Right Wedding Venue

This is the most important step, so it’s best to take your time and make sure that you’re happy with your choice. When choosing a venue, there are many things to consider:

  • Is the venue close to the city? If so, guests won’t have far to travel from their accommodation. This can be expensive for them and stressful for you (as well as having an impact on where you’ll hire tables and chairs).
  • Does it have a good view? You want your guests to remember how beautiful everything looked at this special moment in your life!
  • Is it easy for people with disabilities or mobility issues to access? If not, try another venue that’s more accessible. It’s important everyone feels comfortable on their big day!
  • Does it have facilities such as toilets or changing rooms that cater specifically to couples’ needs (e.g., bathrooms big enough for two people)? Make sure these things are taken care of before making any final decisions about venues, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises later down the line.
  • Is it affordable for your budget plan? When considering the facilities, you should consider if it is affordable and it cover everything you need. Then you should find an affordable wedding venue like this one affordable wedding venues in Adelaide.

Prioritize Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The first thing you need to do is book your pre-wedding photoshoot. This is a very important step in the wedding planning process, as it allows the couple to be shown in their best light and get comfortable with each other in front of the camera before their big day. You can hire a professional photographer like this one pre-wedding photography in Sydney or take photos yourself, but either way, it’s good practice for your big day.

When choosing your photographer, consider his or her style and experience. There are many types of photographers out there; some specialize in portrait photography while others specialize in weddings and events. Having an idea of what you want will help narrow down your options when looking at portfolios online (or even better yet: meeting face-to-face). If possible, ask friends who have recently gotten married if they were happy with their decision, if they were then chances are yours will be too.

Find a Professional Wedding DJ

A professional wedding DJ like this wedding DJ in Hunter Valley can help you with your wedding playlist. They will help you choose the right songs for your first dance, as well as the rest of your playlist. A good DJ will also be able to advise on appropriate music for your ceremony, reception, and any other event that may need it.

A professional DJ can also provide a range of services including trivia games and MC duties if those are what you require.

Plan Your Budget

You will have to plan and stick to your budget before you start planning the wedding. It’s not a good idea to just wing it and hope for the best, as this could lead to problems later on.

If you are on a tight budget, here are some things that can be cut out:

  • The venue; instead of getting married at one particular location, make use of what is available nearby such as parks or beaches where there won’t be any fees involved!
  • The food and drinks; while they are essential parts of any celebration, they don’t have to be expensive ones.

Choose the wedding dress of your dreams

Choosing the wedding dress of your dreams is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. It’s also one of the most challenging! It can be difficult to make sure that you are choosing a dress that fits well, as well as looking for stains or tears. Make sure to do some research before going into any store and decide what type of style you want before trying on dresses. Once in the store, ask for a dressing room so that you can try on several different styles in private. If anyone offers advice about what they think looks best on you, listen carefully and consider their thoughts but don’t feel obligated to take their suggestions if it doesn’t quite seem like “you”.

You may find yourself spending hours trying on dresses (or even days). This is normal if this is your first time shopping for formal wear because there are so many options available today! When it comes time to try on dresses at home, invite friends over who will be honest with their opinions without being mean-spirited: they should tell whether something looks good or bad without making comments.

Hire an experienced wedding planner

It’s a common misconception that hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense. Hiring one can help you save money, time and stress in the long run. A good wedding planner will be able to help you avoid common mistakes as well as find the right suppliers for your event so that it goes smoothly. Here are some of the main advantages of hiring a wedding planner:

  • They have experience with organizing events like yours in your city or area, so they know where to go and who to contact for different aspects of planning such as venues or catering options.
  • They know what styles work best at different times of the year; for instance, if you’re thinking about having an outdoor reception during winter months then your options might be limited due to weather considerations; however, if you were considering doing this during summer months then there would likely be many more options available because most people prefer holding their ceremonies outdoors during these warmer months anyway.

More steps to organizing your wedding

  • Choose your wedding photographer. A good wedding photographer can help you capture all the special moments on your big day, so it’s important to find someone you trust and who will work with you to create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Choose your bridal party. Once you have chosen your main wedding photographer, ask friends and family members if they would like to be part of the bridal party! Some people choose a small group of close friends or relatives as their bridal party; others prefer large groups (for example maids-of-honor, ushers, and best man). Whichever option suits you is fine – just make sure everyone has had time to think about what they want their role in the ceremony to be!
  • Choose wedding rings. If both partners already have rings but aren’t certain which ones they want at their weddings yet, then they both don’t need to buy new ones at this stage! However, if neither partner has any jewelry from an ex-partner or simply wants something different from before then now is the time to start looking into how much these cost along with other details like setting type.


You can always plan your wedding in Australia with the help of an experienced planner. You can hire us as we have a lot of experience in this field and our main goal is to make your day special and memorable.