In addition to the more casual rugby shirts, there are six main styles of polo t-shirts. There is no doubt that the quality of the shirt depends on the quality of the fabric or knitting used.

Combination of a few

When it comes to business women’s polo shirts, blended textiles are typically employed since the synthetics in the blend provide durability and stain resistance at a reasonable cost. However, they are less comfortable than cotton in general and might increase perspiration in the user. Nevertheless, they are the most widely available and least expensive polo t-shirts, so if you’re on a tight budget, that’s what you’ll acquire. However, if you can, spend more money on a higher-quality item, as the feel and comfort of this sort are simply unacceptable.


Athletes are the target audience for performance polo designs. Adding silver to the material reduces odor or provides UV protection. Lightweight synthetics or mixes are commonly used in their production. The price will vary depending on the company’s marketing budget and brand reputation. Aside from golfing or working out, these shirts are not designed to be worn anyplace else. If you’re looking for the perfect golf shirts for a team, you can find a selection of the best golf team shirts in a variety of styles and colors to outfit your team at Shop Team Golf.


They won’t shrink or wrinkle, and they’re stain-resistant, but their lack of breathability means you’ll sweat a lot and appear flimsy. So it is not a good idea to wear these shirts during strenuous activities.


Even though pure silk loses its colour when exposed to high temperatures and moisture, it is an excellent fibre to use in the construction of polo t-shirts. Cotton-silk or linen-silk mixes can be used for polo t-shirts, but pure silk is not advised for this garment.


There has been a recent increase in the use of linen for various types of knitwear, and some companies now sell linen polos as well. It undoubtedly offers a new dimension with its sharp appearance and stylish creases, but it is also considerably harsher than cotton in texture. This means that if you want the look of wrinkled linen, it should only be used in mixes.

Pure cotton

Cotton polo t-shirts are the most frequently used today because of their moisture-wicking properties, breathability, and good durability. Unfortunately, some inexpensive polo t-shirts are made with short-staple cotton, which may pill and fade after a few washes. Even though longer staple cotton is more durable and likely to feel nicer on your skin, it will ultimately fade in colour, especially with deeper hues. Aside from that, the weave of a polo shirt is just as important as the fabric’s quality.

Knits and Weaves

What is knitting? Many techniques exist for knitting, but for the sake of simplicity, this article covers two because they’re the most important for making polo t-shirts.

  • Knitted with Piqué

This is not to be confused with the woven Marcella pique fabric, also called Pique knit. Since the Marcella pique weave has the same three-dimensional waffle effect, it is known as such. The most common polo shirt knit is Pique because it is both flexible and breathable. However, the size of a pique can vary greatly. If you want more excellent ventilation, go with a more oversized knit; if you want it lighter, go with a smaller knit.

  • Jersey knit

Women’s polo shirts made of jersey knit are similar to t-shirts or nice sweaters in terms of their smooth surface. Polo t-shirts of more excellent quality can also be made from this yarn, commonly utilised in lower-priced garments. It’s just a new appearance, and whether or not you like it, it is all up to you. An open pique knit beats out any Jersey knit regarding breathability.