Motorcycling is fun. That´s why so many people do it despite the fact that it can be so dangerous. And it´s obvious why: Riding a motorcycle feels like flying over the asphalt. Many prospective riders do a lot of research on which motorcycle to buy, but tend to underestimate the importance of motorcycle equipment. But good safety gear is crucial for a safe riding experience.

Motorcycle clothing can not just prevent riders from suffering severe injuries, but also looks great. In fact, some people buy motorcycle jackets even though they don´t ever ride a motorcycle because it looks cool and can serve as lifestyle clothing. The offer out there is huge, which makes it hard for riders to choose good gear. This is our guide to buying motorcycle equipment.

What You Need for Motorcycling

There are many things you need in order to protect yourself.Buying a used motorcycle can save you money, but don´t save at the wrong place. Helmets aren´t obligatory in all party of the world, but as a responsible motorcyclist, you should never ride without a helmet on. It can save your life.

Motorcycle jackets make sure you don´t get cold while riding – the airflow can be really chilly depending on where and how fast you go. Why not a normal jacket? As you sit in an inclined position, normal jackets can become pretty uncomfortable around the shoulders. Designated motorcycle jackets are designed for that particular body posture.

Motorcycle pants are often rejected as redundant. The lower limbs are the body parts that are injured very likely in case of an accident. Abrasions and fractures can be complex and take a lot of time to heal. Designated motorcycle pants come with protectors in all the important places and are made out of particularly tear-resistant fabrics.

It´s also very likely to injure your hands – even in a minor accident. Motorcycle gloves protect your fingers, knuckles and sometimes even your wrists. They also allow for a better grip so as to make sure you can hold on to the handlebar.

It´s possible to ride a motorcycle with normal shoes on. It´s not a smart decision, though, as sneakers and the like could slip of the peg. Also, feet can be easily injured – even in minor accidents -, which is why you shouldn´t give a chance.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying Motorcycle Gear

Your gear can only protect you if it’s of good quality and if it fits you well. That’s why you should buy your equipment from the best motorcycle gear shop. As they have all the required safety gear for bikers. This is what you need to know before purchasing anything:

Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets are set up in a way where they can absorb impact in order to protect your skull. That´s why you should stick with certified brands. Keep in mind that the type of helmet you choose should match your riding style: For example, you´ll need more protection around your jaw when going dirt-biking than for commuting to work. Make sure to figure out your shape of head and to measure you head circumference before trying on a helmet for at least 20 minutes – that way, you can make sure it really fits.

Buying Motorcycle Jackets and Pants

There´s a broad offer for men and women. Inform yourself about the protective features that the clothes you like offer. Good motorcycle clothing also comes in different fabrics, which is why you should figure out, which material matches your riding style and gives you all the freedom of movement you need for a safe riding experience.

Motorcycle Boots and Gloves

If you only use your motorcycle for short distances, you could go for motorcycle sneakers. They look cool and come with protectors. Otherwise, you should choose boots that offer the maximum of protection. When buying gloves, make sure to choose a pair for each season: You don´t want to burn up in summer, but will want to make sure to avoid numb fingers in winter.