Hjaltabakki Airport

Hjaltabakki Airport

Hjaltabakki Airport is one of the Iceland Airports located in Blönduós. Hjaltabakki Airport's IATA code is BLO. ICAO code is BIBL.

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Iceland Iceland portal Aviation portal Google Maps - Blönduós OurAirports - Iceland Great Circle Mapper - Blönduós Hjaltabakki Airport Google Earth

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Lokichoggio Airport

Lokichoggio Airport

Lokichoggio Airport is one of the Kenya Airports located in Lokichoggio. Lokichoggio Airport's IATA code is LKG. ICAO code is HKLK.

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25 June 2010.  Location of Lokichogio Airport At Google Maps Kenya Airports Authority - Lokichoggio Airport Coordinates: 04°12′18″N 34°20′42″E / 4

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Port Gentil Airport

Port Gentil Airport

Port Gentil Airport is one of the Gabon Airports located in Port Gentil. Port Gentil Airport's IATA code is POG. ICAO code is FOOG.

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Port-Gentil International Airport is an airport in Port-Gentil, Gabon (IATA: POG, ICAO: FOOG). On October 12, 2011, a Nationale Regionale Transport

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Puerto Armuelles Airport

Puerto Armuelles Airport

Puerto Armuelles Airport is one of the Panama Airports located in Puerto Armuelles. Puerto Armuelles Airport's IATA code is AML.

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Puerto Armuelles is a city on Panama's Pacific Coast in the western province of Chiriquí Province next to Costa Rica. Puerto Armuelles is the second largest

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Wilcannia Airport

Wilcannia Airport

Wilcannia Airport is one of the Australia Airports located in Australia. Wilcannia Airport's IATA code is WIO. ICAO code is YWCA.

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runs west to Cobar and on through Wilcannia and Broken Hill into South Australia. Nyngan Airport is a small airport just north of the city center. Nyngan

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